Webshopsampling Belgium

What is webshopsampling?

Webshopsampling offers (FMCG) producers the opportunity to sample very specifically
within a relevant target audience.
We link the sample to a suitable webshop or shop, that perfectly matches the target audience and the positioning.
In this way there is no waste. We can often offer webshopsampling at a low price because the order is already paid for to the respective webshop.

Campaigns in the Netherlands

After some successful webshopsampling campaigns in the Netherlands, we started the rollout in Belgium.


The number of shops and webshops is still growing, but if your perfect match is not yet among them, we will eventually find it.
The first campaigns in Belgium have been launched:
For Mentos Gum we have found a match at Game Mania and Cool Cat.
For ERU we organised an action at the Warme Bakker. This included a feedbackprogramme. The responses we received, were very positive.

ERU sampling at De Warme Bakker

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know what webshopsampling can do for your brand, please contact Lime Factory B.V.


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