A nice surprise

Webshopsampling is a unique way that enables you to offer your customer a fun surprise, without having to pay for it yourself!
This surprise may consist of samples of personal care products, candy, snacks, coffee, (sports) drinks or home care products. We only work with samples of renowned A-brands. By adding a sample to an order, you distinguish yourself from other providers: you reward yourself for shopping with us! In addition, Webshopsampling offers you the opportunity of joint marketing with the respective manufacture: think of, for example, using banners, an advertisement campaign or mutual promotion by way of the social media.

How do we go about it?

Knowing your customer

Based on the target audience and the positioning of the web shop, we look for a suitable sample. This cuts both ways.

View options

As soon as we find a possible match, as soon as possible we align with you whether this may lead to a successful campaign.

Coordination of the campaign

When the perfect match has been found, we take care of the coordination of the campaign.

Add sample

Samples are added to the shipments based on predefined criteria.

Surprise your customer

By linking a brand and a product, customers will be pleasantly surprised and there is a greater chance of a repeat purchase.

Measuring is knowing

After the campaign, we can ask customers several questions. This provides you with insight into the results of the campaign.

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