Voorbeeld campagnes

Verkade & amp; Deleukstetaartenshop For Verkade, Lime Factory has organized a campaign via the webshop and 4 physical stores of De leukste pies shop. Verkade has worked hard on a new biscuit to get it tasty even without gluten. The gluten-free Oaties Choco are deliciously crispy, full of flavor and available with and without a […]

Snelle Jelle & Campusshop Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign and created a perfect match between Fast Jelle and her target group of students. Through the webshop of the Campusshop students were given 2 Snelle Jelle Zero in between with their order. Through the Snelle Jelle, the students were able to “go on […]

Dove Men + Care & amp; Sports / fashion (web) stores Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Dove Men + Care. The campaign was rolled out nationwide at Intersport and at a number of other sports and fashion (web) stores customers were offered a Dove Men + Care mini deo. The mini […]

Lime Factory organized a campaign for Slimpie at various partywebshops. Slimpie is a 0% sugar and calorie lemonade, So its a healthy lemonade! The lemonade is sampled at the folowing partywebshops:  Partywinkel.nl, Prohap, de Boer Drachten, Feestfirma, Funty en Kinderversiering.nl. The customer receives a sample with each order on the webshops above. The sample was also sampled at a numbre playparadises.

Lime Factory has organized a campaign for Hellmann’s, at various cookery webshops and cooking workshops. Hellmann’s Real has an undeniable fresh taste and solid structure. The mayonnaise is for the real taste tasters. Hellmann’s is distributed to several cookery shops: Cook & Co, Supris Cookware, Cookware, Woerdman Cookware Shop, Cookie Shop Bianca Bonte and Van […]

Through webshopsampling, Aspire and #FITGIRLCODE have found each other. Eventually sampling took place during an event of the webshop, through the perfect match of webshopsampling, these parties have found and locked in the arms.

Look-O-Look has recently added a number of new candies. This time the candies are not only tasty as you are used to, but also organic. The advantage of these organic candies is that they contain natural colourants and flavourings and moreover, they are also gluten-free. To taste the new candy cake of Look-O-Look, with each […]

Haust Toast Rustique Rozijn & Cranberry is intended for real gourmets! Pure artisanal crackers with their with own shape and roast, for each snack or drinking moment. Packed pumpkin seeds, raisins and cranberries. Delicious with a good glass of wine and French cheese! This taste of Haust is added to each order through Grandcruwijnen. We […]

Mentos has launched a brand-new product: Mentos Choco & Caramel. It is not a mint, but a chocolate with caramel. Mentos positions this to combine with coffee. This is way Lime Factory organised a campaign at several coffee web shops and the shops of Brandmeesters [Premium roasted coffee]. The following web shops have sent a […]

A perfect match based on the target group and positioning, football and Bifi, an ideal combination. The BiFi was offered with orders of 50 euro or more and according to web shop owner Frank Egberts this led to an increase of the order value.